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Usage of Red Cell Concentrates at Kimberley Hospital Complex: A Retrospective Study

Mubarak A Bidmos, Teresa Nel


AIM The universal acceptability of anaemia as an indication for transfusion of red cell concentrates (RCC) is incontrovertible. While the non-concordant use of RCC is well documented in different parts of the world, no such study has ever been conducted in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. This study aimed to  audit  the haemoglobin levels at which patients at Kimberley Hospital Complex (KHC) are being transfused as well as  the indications for  RCC transfusions.


METHODS Fifty transfusion episodes from four clinical disciplines were randomly selected and studied using  national guidelines for South Africa as criteria for the audit.

RESULTS The mean pre-transfusion Hb and post-transfusion Hb were 6.5 g/dL (SD 2.07) and 8.7 g/dL (SD 1.84) respectively. The most common reasons for transfusion were symptomatic anaemia and upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding. Two units of RCC were on average transfused per episode. Eight percent of transfusion episodes were found to be entirely non-concordant with guidelines.  In the majority of transfusions studied, there was no documented evidence of efforts to establish diagnosis in anaemic patients as well as no documentation of the outcome of the transfusions.


CONCLUSION It is encouraging that there were a relatively low percentage of entirely non-concordant transfusions at KHC. A prospective study with a larger sample size is recommended to explore the significance of non-concordance in RCC transfusions as well as the nature of physicians’ inability to document their approach to anaemia and the inability to document post transfusion clinical and laboratory indicators.


Red blood cell transfusion; South Africa; Medical audit; Anemia; Hemoglobin level.

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