عکس بازیگران عکس بازیگران

Sexual behaviour: human papilloma virus and cervical cancer risk among university students in cameroon

Mogtomo ML Koanga, Ngane A Ngono, Adonis Wandjis, Nana RR Dongang, Tenankem H Donfack, G Nganwa, M Wankam, Zollo PH Amvam


AIM To determine sexual risk for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection among students in order to delineate possible points of intervention in Cameroon among the youth in the fight against cervical cancer.


METHODS The study group consisted of 1,166 students aged 16-24 years attending first year studies at the University of Douala-Cameroon. They completed a self-administered questionnaire intended to assess sexual risk for HPV and cervical  cancer. High risk was defined as at least one of the following: early sexual activity; history of STIs and HIV testing; multiple partners and/or non-use of condoms; and low level of HPV knowledge and its relationship to cervical cancer.


RESULTS Female students (FS) were younger and more likely to be virgins than male students (MS), (27.2% vs 50.9%, P< 0.0001).  FS in the age range 20-22 and MS in the age range 23-24 had contracted STIs the most during the previous three months among FS and MS respectively.  A higher proportion of MS than FS reported having had one or more partners during the previous three months. There was a significant difference in condom use between FS and MS (48.2% vs. 61.4%, P< 0.0001). Sex related risk attitudes were significantly associated with the use of condoms. The students demonstrated a low level of HPV related knowledge. All students in the study had no knowledge of the relationship between HPV infection and cervical cancer.


CONCLUSION High sexual risk for HPV and cervical  cancer is prevalent among adolescents in Cameroon.  Early interventions are required to reduce this risk; and these should include information about the relationship between sexual behaviour, HPV infection and cervical cancer.


Cameroon; Gammapapillomavirus; Cancer of Cervix; High-Risk Sex; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; HIV.

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